Children and diabetic
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Children period is diabetic diabetic because insulin lacks the candy that causes,be adipose protein metabolization is disorder disease children period former hair sex is diabetic the following number plants: Ⅰ diabetic: Because insulin β cell sends,be destroy insulin to secrete absolutely and insufficient place to cause must use insulin cure to say insulin depends on again model Ⅱ diabetic: It is β cell secretes insulin to be not worth or not sensitive to insulin be caused by is in target cell the person that children period comes on is very little teenage autumn comes on model; The disease of β function blemish that is heredity of dominance of a kind of euchromosome is very rare
The pathogeny with children diabetic period
Ⅰ diabetic although its send ill mechanism heretofore to have not clarify completely,be oneself immunity disease had been sure a few elements are right at present the decisive action that come on: Have reaction of immunity of genetic easy perceptual oneself and environmental factor among them
The clinical expression of disease of brain of children period candy
Remove disease to have more urgently about / have a little patient at rising have before disease give out heat reach enteron of the upper respiratory tract much make water of much water of uric road or skin infection medical history feeds easy be hungry more but lose weight is angular and apparent dispirited cheeper is in tired and faint spirit after oneself can control pee, appear again
About % little patients are in ketosis acid namely when see a doctor toxic condition this kind of little patient often affects surfeit to diagnose incur loss through delay because of acute or diagnose clear already but interrupt the element such as insulin cure to cause incidence of a disease of childhood little patient suddenly more elderly little patient has disease high very rabid: Dry skin enrichs skin mucous membrane degree reduce breath profound and expiratory in contain ketone flavour pulse fine fast blood pressure drops temperature does not rise immediately occurrence be addicted to to sleep dim even narcosis
The disease since a few little patient is slower with mental slack the demote below weak weight is given priority to can count Zhou Zhijiu course of diseases continuously the little patient with long and undeserved cure is common grow development suffers an effect and the figure is short because liver is adipose invade embellish and intumescent
The examination with children diabetic period
Uric fluid is checked
() uric candy is qualitative: Without candy of little patient make water its show Ying Weiyang sex lubricious intensity can indicate blood sugar level roughly
() uric ketone body: In uric candy disease companion has ketosis masculine gender is shown when acid is toxic
() uric albumen: Minim albumin make water cannot be gone out to change to want to understand nephritic the secondary affection in time by groovy method check should choose more sensitive method to detect regularly to the little patient uric albumen
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