The cure of tall blood sugar
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1 model diabetic (children is diabetic) the cure of tall blood sugar
Contact your doctor or diabetic nurse, listen to them about adding short effect (transparent) the opinion of insulin dose. You have need possibly also to increase the amount of inject insulin, for example: Every 2 hours are used 2 - 4 units.
Keep cost of constant test blood sugar. Be in every time when pee, test the ketone system in uric fluid. Drink water or low caloric fluidity more with fill because pee is frequent and lost liquid.
If have the following state, contact your doctor or go to a hospital.
·Because vomit to cannot drink water or eat hardship
·Blood sugar value lasts in Gao Shuiping
·Uric fluid exists to much ketone style in having in
Blood sugar value can make one model diabetic generation name is the serious state of illness with ketosis toxic acid.
2 model diabetic (the adult is diabetic) the cure of tall blood sugar
In body nature in running, blood sugar value can have the appearance of on any account. Heighten of accidental blood sugar value is not a problem. If your blood sugar is worth,last however when heighten number day or you are sick, must demand medical service.

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