How to figure with uric candy hematic syrup is made the same score
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The diabetic is commonly used uric candy " + " number will judge illness, directive cure, differ as a result of the kidney candy threshold value of every patient however, the relevant and corresponding value of uric candy and blood sugar is different. For instance, it is uric candy together " + " , and blood sugar has a plenty of 10.0mmol/L, have a plenty of 13.0mmol/L, some is 8.0mmol/L. Before be being treated consequently, the patient should determine oneself kidney candy threshold is normal, heighten, still be a bring down, make uric candy detects can reflect blood sugar level well and truly, rise to decide correctly illness, the purpose of directive cure. Below the situation that in current blood sugar the Shangbupu that monitor reachs, even if is the city can monitor the patient of blood sugar to also be not worth with blood sugar appearance 10% , should not say poor and outlying area more, can apply uric candy correctly to monitor, the method with handy and effective can yet be regarded as.
In normal person make water only minim dextrose, every 100 milliliter make an appointment with 20 milligram, right now uric candy examination is negative. When blood sugar exceeds certain chroma, the dextrose in blood is met from the eduction in make water (uric candy) , when uric candy shows masculine gender the blood sugar of place correspondence is worth, it is kidney candy threshold, it is 8.9 ~ 10.0mmol/L commonly. When kidney candy threshold is normal, uric candy lifts along with blood sugar and grow in quantity, both between the proportion with have certain concerns, wardmate can fold algorithm to determine through uric candy blood sugar kidney candy threshold. The author ever determined with this law 2 model diabetic kidney candy thresholds 104, release an experiment to undertake at the same time with dextrose insulin (also can determine alone) , pass actual application, the author discovers this method is simple easy travel, economy is practical.
When kidney candy threshold is normal, uric candy and blood sugar are like next corresponding relations:
Say commonly, blood sugar when 10 ~ 12.8mmol/L, uric candy " + " ; blood sugar when 12.8 ~ 15.5mmol/L, uric candy " + + " ; blood sugar when 15.5 ~ 17.8mmol/L, uric candy " + + + " when 17.8mmol/L of > of; blood sugar, uric candy " + of + + + " .
Determine method: Ran  Ran bends over ∈ of the helmet that blink  bakes Tiao crooked  goes straight towards Hu shelfing  just ⒛ Jia pulls miscellaneous χ of bright Tiao of Qian of  of Mao of talk in one's sleep of   straw to be worth when correspondence of Ran? blood sugar and uric candy it is normal to threshold consistently for kidney candy, correspondence of candy of make water of > of blood sugar value is worth heighten of threshold of the candy that it is kidney, correspondence of candy of make water of < of blood sugar value is worth bring down of threshold of the candy that it is kidney. The candy that be like make water " + " , blood sugar 13.8mmol/L is heighten of kidney candy threshold, namely plus of candy of make water of prep above of blood sugar value, the function that shows the kidney excretes candy drops, the person that weigh can cause blame ketosis diabetic insensible, common at long disease and old people. Right now uric candy cannot reflect blood sugar level correctly, the patient often thinks his uric candy is normal by accident, the illness improved, actually this is very dangerous. The patient that be like armour often uric candy one " + " , and blood sugar is as high as 15.5mmol/L, show kidney candy threshold is high, see more at long ill patient, if coach with uric candy,treat right now, regular meeting appears take dosage to cross small, cure not to amount to the phenomenon such as mark. Be like candy of second patient make water again " + " , and blood sugar 7.0mmol/L, show kidney candy threshold is reduced, see at the patient having first, if coach with uric candy,use drug right now, can take medical overdose, cause hypoglycemia reaction.
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