How with diabetic maintain a distance
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As a result of diabetic closely related the happening with cardiovascular disease, acquaintance expert thinks, diabetic namely the synonym of cardiovascular disease, diabetic should prevent together with coronary heart disease treat together. Precaution is diabetic, what we can do is the lifestyle with insalubrious change:
1. Be aimed at pair of diabetic ignorance, the requirement understands more bit, undertake healthy education and health are promoted.
2. Absorb in the light of quantity of heat overmuch, the demand takes less bit, avoid quantity of heat to cross flavour of much, fat Gan Hou, eat coarse food grain and green vegetables more, little drink, do not smoke.
3. Decrease in the light of manual activity, the requirement is moved frequently bit, strengthen workout, avoid to overweight or fat.
4. Surge increase in the light of heart behoove, the requirement is loosened bit, maintain common state of mind, avoid to should be stimulated. Do one's best is accomplished optimistic, open-minded, hopeful, strike a proper balance between work and rest, avoid het-up overworked.
If can accomplish above for a long time each, diabetic incidence of a disease can decrease at least 50% , also can make the occurence rate of pathological changes of diabetic heart and vessels is reduced significantly.

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