How to prevent hypoglycemia
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Prevent the method of hypoglycemia
Be in please book time to be mixed into board avoid not to present board.
Ensure the food presenting board of every eat contains enough carbohydrate (amylaceous) .
If drink, eat a few carbohydrate at the same time please (amylaceous) fastfood be like: Biscuit or biscuit.
If prepare to undertake using up manual activity, eat more please contain carbohydrate (amylaceous) food.
Do not search to give blood sugar to drop too small account. You may need the heft of bring down insulin or pill.
Prevent the note when hypoglycemia
Be like,carry provision of a few saccharide constantly: Panocha.
Inform the relatives and friends beside of the hypoglycemia about you, let them know how to help you.
Carry medical record to explain you have diabetic, fully with lash-up.

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