What is to metabolize to be asked for integratedly
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What is to metabolize to be asked for integratedly
It is the protein, adipose, carbohydrate that points to human body that metabolization is asked for integratedly corporeal happening metabolization is disorder, in clinical on appear a series of ask for integratedly, say metabolization is asked for integratedly namely.
The quantity is able to bear or endure with respect to occurrence candy when candy metabolization is disorder for example low decrease, disease of tall fat equipment appears when bringing about obstacle of diabetic; adipose metabolization, fatty liver. Fat disease, tall blood sticks consistency to wait, protein metabolization obstacle, appear disease of acerbity blood of high make water (gouty) etc. And but by above obstacle of 3 big metabolization and appear a lot of complication, be like hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, the head is apoplectic wait. Also can generalize for " 8 high disease " : Namely tall blood sugar, tall blood fat, hypertensive, tall blood sticks consistency, disease of acerbity blood of high make water, tall fatty liver, tall insulin hematic disease (because insulin is counteractive, send insulin excessive secrete, the afterwards hair sex that cause is tall) of insulin blood disease, tall weight (fat disease) .
The diagnostic standard that metabolization imposes integratedly
1988, american Peaven basis afore-mentioned a series of metabolization are unusual phenomenon, unified name its ask for integratedly for metabolization. Adult of plan of American cholesterol education treated group of the 3rd second guideline 2002 (NCEP -- ATPIIJ) puts forward, have following 3 or above person, can diagnose ask for integratedly for metabolization:
(1) centricity is fat, male waistline > 120cm, female > 88cm.
(2) glycerine 3 fat (150mg/dl) of ≥ of TG) ≥ 1.69mmol/L(.
(3) high density spends lipoprotein, (HDL) , male <1.04mmol/L(<40mmol/dL) , female <1.29mmol/L(<50mg/dl) .
(130/85mmHg of ≥ of 4) blood pressure.
(110mg/dL) of ≥ of 61mmol/L(of ≥ of 5) hollow blood sugar. In recent years, metabolization is asked for integratedly, happen in the white-collar middleaged and factitious much, have some of technology backbone socially currently, leader cadre, because often assuming high strenth, the workload of excess load, the person that suffer from metabolization to be asked for integratedly consequently is opposite also more. Have many, some possibilities are only examine unusual. The symptom is still unidentified show, but this asks for a likelihood already " conceal " in the body.
The symptom that metabolization asks for integratedly
Metabolization is asked for integratedly outside changing except afore-mentioned examinations, the symptom that its may appear is: Giddy, have a headache, easy exhaustion, insomnia, constipation, dyspeptic, easy be hungry, thirsty, make water is itching of much, small arthralgia, skin, impotent, limbs pins and needles, swing is not neat, easy cold, attention bad market is secondary.
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