What is hypoglycemia
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If your hematic syrup is smooth too low (general low cross 4.0mmol/l) , can present hypoglycemia appearance. This phenomenon can happen during taking some kind of pill or inject insulin only.
The symptom of hypoglycemia
You may have one as follows or many paroxysmal symptoms:
- quiver
- giddy
- hungry feeling
- the heartbeat is quickened
- the mouth and lip have thorn keenly feel
- tired or frail
- have a headache
If be not treated or blood sugar is reduced again, the likelihood produces the following phenomenon:
- be off one's head
- Bacchic kind of act
- verbal faintness
- catnap comes faint not to wake human affairs
The pathogeny of hypoglycemia
- defer or need not board
- do not eat the enough hydrate that contain charcoal (amylaceous) food
- insulin or pill are overmuch
- drink and do not eat other food
- athletic excessive and do not eat enough food
Encounter hypoglycemia how to should be handled
Be like,contain sweet substance:
5 - 7 panocha
1 cup sweet drink
1 cup of fruit juice 2 - 4 teaspoon candy or sweet candy
If be in 5 - do not feel after 10 minutes improve, can eat more again a few. Eat again afterwards a few contain carbohydrate (amylaceous) food if:
A fruit
1 cup of grandmas
A 3 article are treated
2 - 4 biscuit or if take board time, present board immediately please.
If the patient is insensible, if why this handle: (such case is not common)
Not usable mouth gives food or liquid
Find a place for patient side lies
Call saves a car
Your domestic member also can inject for you one kind the name is ' ' Glucagon ' inject medicine will raise blood sugar cost. If have this need, discuss with your doctor please.

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