Diabetic diagnostic standard
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Diabetic ego diagnoses:
Diabetic inchoate and general have a variety of expression forms, and the patient can undertake diagnostic to ego according to these expression, so that timely seek medical advice.
1, no matter how much eat, always feel hungry, some people did not like to eat in the past sweetmeat, also become now like to eat.
2, constant and thirsty, water the quantity compares apparent at ordinary times increase.
3, pee number increase, quantity of a day of micturition amounts to 3-5 1000 milliliter.
4, alveolar excessive pus.
5, the fall that eyesight does not have a reason, inspect content faintness.
6, on the body scratchy or the skin is affected repeatedly.
7, occurrence muscle convulsion, calf cramp.
8, body tired is lazy faint, endurance drops.
9, weight drops, general is gotten angular.
10, the man appears impotent.
If discover above circumstance 3 kinds of above person, namely should bring to sb's attention, the likelihood is state of diabetic hair disease, should have detailed examination in time to the hospital, undertake diagnose, lest delay treatment.
Diabetic convention diagnoses:
Diabetic diagnostic only standard is blood sugar.
Blood sugar namely the dextrose inside blood, it is one of the sources of energy of human body. Level of normal adult blood sugar is: Hollow blood sugar (FBS) : 3.6-6.1mmol/L(69-109mg/dl) , 2 hours of blood sugar after eat (20PBS) : 3.6-7.7mmol/L(65-139mg/dl) .
Should notice when measuring blood sugar, hollow blood sugar, time should be inside 12 hours; 2 hours of blood sugar after eat, be from eat the first meal to begin computational time.
1, diabetic symptom is: 7.8mmol/L(140mg/dl) of ≥ of hollow blood sugar, perhaps be in at ordinary times 11.1mmol/L(200mg/dl) can diagnose ≥ of any time blood sugar to go up to suffer from diabetic.
2, have diabetic symptom and blood sugar did not reach afore-mentioned levels, should make candy be able to bear or endure again the quantity experiments. The adult is hollow after 75g of dextrose of profess to convinced 2 hours measure blood sugar, if 11.1mmol/L(200mg/dl) of blood sugar ≥ can be diagnosed,be diabetic. It is normal that blood sugar <7.8mmol/L(140mg/dl) is. Blood sugar is between 7.8-11.1mmol/L(140-200mg/dl) , to the bring down is measured when candy machine.
3, without diabetic symptom, outside eliminating two afore-mentioned diagnostic levels, still need to add a few standards additionally to be diagnosed in order to decide. Can diagnose below for diabetic.
After 75g of dextrose of ① profess to convinced 1 hour measures blood sugar, if 11.1mmol/L(200mg/dl) of blood sugar ≥ .
② 7.8mmol/L(140mg/dl) of ≥ of another hollow blood sugar.
③ after 75g of dextrose of another hollow profess to convinced measure 11.1mmol/L(200mg/dl) of blood sugar ≥ 2 hours.

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