How to detect two hours of blood sugar after hollow blood sugar and eat
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A little diabetic person detects hollow blood sugar is normal, and value of the blood sugar after eat is apparently elevatory, because this is clinical,go up cannot be sure whether the patient suffers from diabetic when, should detect namely hollow blood sugar should detect again the blood sugar after eat.
Detect at present the method of blood sugar basically has the following 3 kinds:
1.Vein exsanguinate determines blood sugar. Milliliter of 1.5 ~ 2 of draw-out vein blood puts blood sugar test of evacuation of the shake up inside special tube, whole process needs the left and right sides 2 hours. This law advantage is worth to what measure blood sugar accurate, defect grows to expect time, and patient cannot oneself monitor blood sugar in the home.
2.Capillary blood (finger, earlobe, toe) fast blood sugar determines. After this law uses pinprick finger, earlobe or toe, push an infinitesimal blood, drop in extreme of specific blood sugar test paper, insert this paper extreme detector of pocket blood sugar next inside, after 1 minute, the instrument can show blood sugar numerical value. This method is handy, swift, need not exsanguinate, the patient is accepted gladly, be in and detect for many times blood sugar particularly practical. Its defect is to suffer outside element interference easily, the result is not quite stable.
3.Blood sugar test paper measures blood sugar. After breaking finger, earlobe or toe with pinprick, add blood sugar test paper on blood, observe its color changes, compare with standard color photograph next, find out the color with its close, can get haemorrhage candy numerical value. This way is simple easy travel, but measures blood sugar value is not quite exact.
Above 3 kinds of methods with 1, two kinds 2 most commonly used, detecting still answer to consider outside factor inside the influence of blood sugar when blood sugar, should be worth a value to be with vein blood sugar commonly accurate.

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