How inchoate discovery is diabetic
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Diabetic the riches and honour in the modern life that is a kind of model is ill, it as people physical labor reduce and of standard of living rise, and show ascendant trend. The country that develops the more, incidence of a disease is higher; The growth of incidence of a disease that is in our country in recent years is very rapid also.
Diabetic hair cause of disease because, it is the metabolization that by insulin absolutely inside human body or relative lack causes disorder, its pathology change involves the metabolization such as candy, adipose, protein disorder, clinical symptom lifts for blood sugar, sugar is contained in make water, appear much drink, much feed, of much make water " more than 3 " phenomenon, serious person often can produce heart and vessels, eye and neurological complication.
However, in the begining Jing Moming shows many diabetic patients symptomatic, lose vigilance very easily. When feel oneself eat morer, drink relatively a long time, often already the upper part of the body of a serious illness. How inchoate discovery is diabetic? Please diabetic at 13 o'clock signal reachs a characteristic under the attention:
1. notes this ill genetic characteristic. If parents has one person to ever had contracted this disease, the sicken of its children is led relatively Everyman wants tower above 25 times. Accordingly, parents has diabetic children, should strengthen this pair of ill precaution.
2. comes on diabeticly the age has 80 % to be in 45 years old above, tall age person should make uric candy inspection regularly.
3. body is fat and suffer from fat of hypertensive, arteriosclerosis, tall blood the person of disease, coronary heart disease contracts this disease easily.
4. often produces the person of hypoglycemia, suffer from easily diabetic.
5. already had the person of the eye disease such as cataract, glaucoma, should vigilance happening is diabetic.
6. is impotent. According to statistic, male diabetic is intercurrent and impotent be as high as 50 % , especially middleaged person's obese person has impotent person, be worth high suspicion to whether already sufferred from more went up diabetic.
All round 7. neuritis. Expression is brothers coma, companion has hot feeling, bug to climb feeling, when walking, appear oneself go up in cotton mat; Some criterion companion has intense ache. According to statistic, the person that have above symptom, take initial stage diabetic the 40 % left and right sides that suffer from.
8. hard pilot tuberculosis. Diabetic person is intercurrent tuberculosis wants tower above 3-5 than normal person times, the 10 % that occupy a diabetic about - 15 % . Because diabetic person resistance is low,this is, the growth that environment of high in syrup is helpful for n/med tuberculosis bacili is progenitive, reason medicaments effect is not distinct, n/med tuberculosis is controlled hard.
9. lozenge glossitis. Appear tit of central sex tongue is atrophic, there is the lozenge that enclothes without coating on the tongue together to be short of caustic area in behaving the face that it is a tongue. The occurence rate of the diabetic person that send first of this kind of symptom is as high as 61. 7% .
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