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Beijing assist making a report with hospital dean Liu Shaolin

Beijing endocrine of 2006 year first time determines the conference is judged to will be in on July 4 character between the room place of physics of biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reports the hall is held. Come from Beijing nearly 100 hospitals examine division expert and medical worker assemble, at present to Beijing endocrine determines to work and examine to compared pair of jobs to undertake discussing as a result. This endocrine determines the conference is reviewed character between the room by in unripe north accuses Inc. of biology science and technology to undertake jointly.

Secrete in Bencinei determine the conference is judged to go up character between the room, beijing is clinical central director Wang Qingtao is standardized to the lab and examine result each other identified a problem to make a specification. On June 1 only then, " measure of Clinical Laboratory government " and " one sheet is connected " carry out at the same time, "One sheet is connected " carry out smoothly what 31 each other identify a project the foundation with the lab and accumulating is not divided. "To give ' one sheet is connected ' lay next good foundations, laboratory of Beijing each hospital was begun in succession judge character between the room, strengthen day-to-day management ceaselessly. The lab basis that this selected each other understands a hospital is first-rate, it is pass to 2006 since 2002 in succession laboratory management, study, achievement compares outstanding unit. " Wang Qingtao points out one detects project, for example endocrine detects, whether bring into general, be judged character between the management that the key depends on a lab, room and indoor quality control. If,he emphasizes " one sheet is connected " can carry out smoothly, the person that be benefited is various; Can reduce burden of go to a doctor for the patient; The real time as a result of hospital laboratory result appears in the newspaper and the everybody of quality management is participated in, this kind " indoor quality pilot is complete member change " be sure to drive quality of hospital whole lab rise; Also will raise the sense of responsibility of the hospital and the standard to instrument, reagent and tall requirement than be opposite through experimental result.

Wang Qingtao expresses, if " one sheet is connected " can maintain current and good execution, its each other connects limits to enlarge hopeful further, "One sheet is connected " a the most important segment is management. "Lab standardization is pair of lab quality promote. Requirement of this kind of standardization is the execution of SOP above all, detect the operation of result and instrument and process has very big concern, the operation is different, the outcome differs possibly, the operation is reasonable it is to examine the premise that result each other recognizes; Next, the maintenance that should notice an instrument and maintain; In addition, the element such as the calibration of the project and environment, time also has particular concern " , "Anyhow, examine the each other of the result identifies be lab standardization to reflect, do good standardization, be being judged character between the room is crucial " .
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