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Denaturation of bursa shape fiber is diabetic (  of Related of Cystic   Fibrosis – Diabetes) the patient often produces deadly complication: A kind with the first model and the 2nd model of diabetic feature likeness diabetic. Patients of a lot of denaturation of bursa shape fiber are teen-age adolescent, they take ferment to digest food in order to help, still need to accept naturopathy everyday, jam in order to keep clear of the massiness of their lung, sticky thick mucus.  

Although this kind of therapeutics can have helped the patient of tens of thousands of exceed alive,count time of 10 years, but once they are intercurrent diabetic, reckon life can drop point-blank. The male remains 2 years about, the female leaves life of 16 years about.  

Florida university is in animal research, those who confirm patient of denaturation of bursa shape fiber is diabetic, because make the cell that insulin produces be destroyed be caused by,not be (this is the first model the diabetic reason that cause disease) , differ as a result of the function of these cells and cell of normal pancreas islet however be caused by.

This research is published in the Diabetes magazine of this month as a result. Patient of denaturation of fiber of diabetic bursa shape can produce a few insulin by oneself, but they still need daily inject insulin, decompose candy portion and other edibles nutriment in order to help to become energy. They often can produce repellency to the insulin that their makes, similar the 2nd model diabetic.  

This research provides a few inchoate evidence, the function of the ß cell of proposal patient and normal ß cell are different, and bring about denaturation of bursa shape fiber diabetic.

Consult document: Injury of   of ß-Cell of   of After of   of Dysfunction of   of Cell of   of Islet of   of Exacerbates of   of Deficiency of   of Regulator of   of Conductance of   of Transmembrane of Cystic   Fibrosis   . Diabetes   55:1939-1945, 2006

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