What does diabetic first visit to a doctor check (below)
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Jinan hospital is diabetic Wang Jianhua of director of center of diagnosis and treatment

The 3rd: Reach the examination that complication concerns mussily with metabolization

Diabetic the greatest harm comes from all sorts of complication at it. To know a patient's condition in the round, the patient still must check following index:

Uric convention includes the multinomial target such as albumen of body of ketone of uric candy, make water, make water, leucocyte, these index can reflect blood sugar level of the patient secondhand, whether to put clearly in ketosis acid toxic, having the make water that do not have secrete is the circumstance such as infection. Additional, ration of uric minim albumin determines still is inchoate discovery the main index of diabetic nephrosis.

Hematic fat diabetic often incorporates at the same time fat metabolization is disorder, elevatory to cholesterol, triglyceride and low density lipoprotein, and the patient that high density lipoprotein reduces should choose the medicaments that move fat appropriately, correct fat metabolization is unusual.

Fat of hypertension of viscosity of blood pressure, blood, tall blood, tall blood is sticky, tall blood sugar is so-called be a diabetic 4 big invisible " killer " , must notice to understand blood pressure and hematic current to change when first visit to a doctor learn a state, and take into consideration the circumstances gives processing.

Weight index (BMI) weight index can serve as daily absorb quantity of heat the reference of how many, still can coach clinical choose drug. For example, overweight or double guanidine of fat diabetic patient first selection kind medicaments, niao of angular sulphur of diabetic patient first selection kind medicaments.

Function of liver, kidney understands on one hand have the meritorious service that do not have liver unusual reach diabetic nephrosis, still can coach at the same time clinical with medicine, because be in function of liver, kidney not full-time, some profess to convinced fall candy medicine contraindication is used.

Examination understanding has ophthalmology to reach cataract, glaucoma without diabetic retinal pathological changes. Diabetic retinal pathological changes is in inchoate often do not have a symptom, terminal do not have good control method. So, ophthalmic inspection should be made when diabetic patient first visit to a doctor, cannot arrive absolutely the ability when the eye looks to not be clear about goes checking eye ground.

Nerve division examination uses silk of the 10 nylon that overcome sheet to undertake touch is checked, OK and inchoate discovery is diabetic all round the gender nerve pathological changes. Additional, return the relevant inspection that should make plant nerve field, for example, do stand lie a blood pressure measure, have in order to decide without posture sex low blood pressure.

Colour of electrocardiogram, heart exceeds understanding to have without coronary heart disease and heart function not complete.
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