Is those who suffer from diabetic merely?
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Beijing colleague hospital is endocrine division (100730) advocate treat doctor Liu Wei

Elder sister of higher primary school this year 30 years old, suffer from indescribably 3 years ago went up 2 model diabetic. She 100 think of do not get its to solve, "The someone else in the home did not suffer from diabetic ah! So young how have to 2 model diabetic? " then, act on the idea that cannot delay unhealthily, she insists to take food of medicine, control and campaign by what the doctor says all the time, but blood sugar is controlled from beginning to end bad. This still does not say, in recent years, menstruation is abnormal also, often still have a headache... for her what all these does not have to connecting a boy friend, really extremely vexed.

Some time ago, she goes to a hospital taking drug as usual again. See a doctor this to Xiaogao with differ without what as one used to do, of see patients is a young doctor, because the manner is very good, small Gao Cai said a few his patient's conditions more than ever. After she discovers the doctor saw her a few times attentively, ask about suddenly: It is thicker and thicker that bay E Tang changes emperor of dispatch of male  of an ancient earthen utensil for steaming rise to steal Xi of sauce ┰ arrogant to sleep Guang has × ? voice? Did appearance change? Does finger become bulky? " this a chain of inquiry makes Xiaogao straight be in a daze, can think carefully, really insensibly oneself shoe changed 39 of present from 37, sound is like some thicker also, the hand also appears fat, appearance changed not to know without oneself. After she tells these, doctor resembling is anticipation in same, nod say: Does  of bright of raw meat or fish of dam Xin brandish door you may get? other disease? Your hypophysis may have a problem. " " other disease? Hypophysis? " these words make Xiaogao more muddleheaded. Oneself were gotten not just diabetic, have other problem possibly still, what is hypophysis, she is to had not listened more. She wears urgently ask about: Why do you feel by midge? I have other trouble? How be to return a responsibility? How should I do? How should I do??

The doctor sees her nervous and agog mood, comfort her to say: Ammoniac Hu occasionally? is such, diabetic also divide with other disease send for former hair and afterwards, of former hair namely of the common kind that we often say commonly diabetic, include 1 model diabetic and 2 model diabetic. Afterwards hair sex is diabetic different, of blood sugar lifting is caused by other disease. If do not effect a radical cure the pathogeny, groovy cure dominates good blood sugar very hard. This kind diabetic get effecting a radical cure likely. A few endocrine diseases, for instance megalakria, can cause diabetic symptom. Why do I ask you those circumstances, fear you are amalgamative namely megalakria. Because the pituitary inside skull grew glandule tumour,this kind of disease is, synthesis of tumour physical ability, secrete grow hormone, if be in children period go to the bad, the child's height will unusual growth, call giant disease. If go to the bad of the adult after adolescence, because skeleton grows to had stopped, it is megalakria with respect to expression. But because have disease slow, the change of the body occurs gradually, cause a patient not easily to take seriously, the course of diseases when patient of half the number is discovered already was in 5 years of above. This disease can affect the body each systems, can show day of commonly used shoe cap, glove to show for instance small, labial thickening, sound coarsens, when sleeping stertorous, etc. Still can affect skeleton at the same time, performance is zygomatic and the eyebrow bend for the patient, outstanding, finger, toe coarsens etc. In addition, still can cause afterwards to send a gender menstruation of diabetic, female is disorder, infecund, and tumour body oppresses the headache that cause, eye shot is changed etc. Megalakria causes afterwards to send a gender diabetic, because grow the action of hormone resistance insulin, convention falls candy treats the effect very not ideal. " " how should I do next then? " doctor strong stand, xiaogao hurries ask a question. "If want diagnose, you need to do hypophysis nuclear magnetic resonance to check, still answer when necessary exsanguinate does corresponding hormone level to determine. Below existing medical treatment condition, it is not difficult to diagnose this kind of disease, the effect that the operation treats is very good also. " " Oh, be such. " Xiaogao asks again: Quan  art does? of establish of uglying Qin An finish then is operation hind diabetic be good also? " the doctor says: Copy of basketry admire shelfing  2 return? diabetic can heal, decide the accident at sicken time greatly. Remedial the primary affection is earlier, diabetic more hopeful gain better control, cure even. Megalakria is very so important is inchoate diagnose and treat. Megalakria is very so important is inchoate diagnose and treat..
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