Blood sugar is only normally " expurgation iceberg one horn "
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Why diabetic group does not say up to now

Can you cure diabetic? This should speak of from the biology adjusting control of blood sugar.

Like when catching a cold like us, having a fever, blood sugar lifts is a phenomenon only. In did not suffer from diabetic when why is blood sugar not tall? Because the system of blood sugar of an adjusting control exists inside our body. In this system, insulin of pancreas islet excretive is exclusive fall candy hormone, but the hormone that fights relatively with insulin however a lot of. Pancreas islet is very devoted to of post, it and a lot of " the enemy " tenacious " fight " . Less than " do not stand fast " , it makes blood sugar elevatory anything but. So, once was gotten diabetic, function of demonstrative pancreas islet had had quite the harm of degree. With respect to marine like iceberg, although we see is the one character that the iceberg shows only, but actually the base of the iceberg is very tremendous, cannot say the one horn of the iceberg cannot see, the base that represents an iceberg also was eliminated.

The blood sugar of diabetic patient can be controlled for a long time stable, long-term even need not Where is medicine? Completely likely! What send first especially is diabetic, the limitative food with rigorous course, strengthen campaign, or cooperate to fall inside period of time candy medicaments, blood sugar can return to normal, even a few years, keep ten years normal. But although such, also cannot say " cure completely " . Because of these patients, if carelessly health care, eat for some time for example get much, exercise pressure of little, life is big, excessive overworked, spirit is depressed etc, blood sugar is met again tall rise, the harm that shows pancreas islet function did not restore truly.

Some " swim cure " the psychology that used diabetic patient to look forward to to cure agog just about, vaunting what " pancreas islet give somebody a new lease on life " , " effect a radical cure diabetic " etc. And diabetic patient is begged again treat a heart to cut, be duped very easily, spent a lot of money, in the end still did not effect a radical cure.

Of course, the cure of clinical patient also can have a few individual situations to appear. Cite a case, we treat the diabetic nephrosis that pass, in the patient of final occurrence uremia, also have really cure. Some is dialytic even a lot of, we are treated with Chinese traditional medicine it is normal to make kidney function restores. But, this kind of circumstance must have requirement of a premise, it is the kidney is done not have " contractible " , the structure is done not have " disorder " , belong to exhaustion of acute kidney function. Such case of illness, if be " swim cure " cure, be afraid have to play broken day. Actually, if be exhaustion of chronic kidney function, kidney already " small " , with conservative therapeutics, everybody cannot cure it. Diabetic just about such, some " swim cure " , had dominated the patient's blood sugar inside period of time, said to cure, this is full of prunes.
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