Diabetic person need not register expert name every time
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Doctor: Guangzhou city Red Cross hospital is endocrine division director Chen Shangyun

Interview and write: Cui Yanling of reporter of reporter goosefoot Heng

In recent years, the diabetic outpatient service of every hospital is to explode every day full, but, know truly correct " see a doctor " the patient is little however little. Some patients are exceeding and superstitious expert, for can outpatient service of settle on expert, not hesitate spend fee of a few yuan of registration, discharge the team of on a few hours again. But on the other hand, the thing that the expert exhorts they however may not is illuminated completely do, make saw a doctor to be become every time pure, reduplicative opens medicine, efficiency is very low. Diabetic it is a kind of special disease, not only because it is a kind of long-term disease, and in be being treated, the patient's subjective activity is very crucial, open the drug that give besides the doctor, a magic weapon with diabetic cure still includes to control food and hold to motion, and this both must rely on patient consciousness. Accordingly, it is very important that diabetic person learns to see a doctor.

Why is diabetic outpatient service always the person is completely suffer from? Investigate its reason is sick people likes to gather together, like to tie the lot of expert examine especially. Actually abroad very patient of polysaccharide make water can receive treatment in the medical treatment service center of community at ordinary times, general 3 months just can make an appointment see specialized subject doctor. But, the diabetic professional doctor that because at present our country has sufferred,grooms normally is too little still, and often be in large hospital centrally again, can appear so large hospital is diabetic specialized subject almost domestic home " explode full " phenomenon. Besides objective element, because,return most patient " won't see a doctor " .

First pieces of prescription should leave by specialized subject doctor piece

Alleged " won't see a doctor " the patient adjusts main put oneself in another's position it seems that now the expert is very superstitious, but good not easy when expert, the question that the expert asks, for example " situation of this month food and drink how? " " blood sugar how? " wait, because did not notice ego at ordinary times,monitor again, so one does not answer to go up. Some people forgot even the medical record that drove medicine last to bring even. Have more very person, the medicine that the doctor opens is bad and delicious, the thing that the doctor exhorts is not carried out well, go attending all the day a few alleged " justice examine " , " seek advice freely " , redemptive one pile is trashy " specific " . Cannot control an illness effectively at all so.

Although my itself is the director of diabetic specialized subject, but I think however, diabetic person sees a doctor to register expert name every time, not was necessary completely. As contrary as this, diabetic person besides be in an examine and appear special situation when be necessary to register expert name, the groovy sex further consultation with a doctor of the others can choose a physician that he trusts completely (must not go to 3 armour large hospital to discharge cue) , establish long-term connection with its. Come so, the person that can one understands him disease to develop is noticing his patient's condition in hour, designedly arranges an examination for the patient. Nevertheless, at present our country returns very few somebody to be able to establish such relationship with the doctor, most patient often visits this hospital a little while, visit a hospital a little while, the result is treated also hard systematization.
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