Broken interpret is diabetic laboratory test is simple
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Uric candy (U-GLU) : Arrive when heighten of blood sugar chroma when certain level, kidney canaliculus cannot answer the dextrose in uric fluid entirely absorb, uric candy heighten shows masculine gender, clinical with " " number shows. Usually, uric candy can reflect the condition of haemorrhage candy, but uric candy still suffers other the influence of a lot of elements, agree not completely with blood sugar sometimes.

Blood sugar (GLU) : Hollow blood sugar (FPG) normal value is 3.9-6.1 fine long hair rub / litre; 7 fine long hair of ≥ of hollow blood sugar rub / rise or 11.1 fine long hair of ≥ of 2 hours of blood sugar after eat rub / rise for diabetic; Hollow blood sugar is in 6.1-7 fine long hair rub / litre for hollow blood sugar unusual (IFG) ; 2 hours of blood sugar after eat are in 7.8-11.1 fine long hair rub / rise the Nai that it is candy the amount is unusual (IGT) . IFG and IGT are a bound at normal person and diabetic person among transfer level, this kind of person is diabetic tall danger crowd.

Dextrose is able to bear or endure the quantity experiments (OGTT) : Normal value is take candy the first hour fine long hair of blood sugar 6.7-9.4 not / litre, 7.8 fine long hair of ≤ of the 2nd hour of blood sugar rub / rise, return to normal after the 3rd hour, each uric candy all is negative. Suffer from diabetic when, prep above of hollow blood sugar is worth normally, and the 11.1 fine long hair of blood sugar ≥ after taking candy rub / rise.

Saccharification haemoglobin (GHb) with fructose amine (GSP) : GHb can mirror the 2-3 before collecting blood level of average blood sugar, its are worth normally for 4%-6% . The blood sugar that GSP mirrors before collecting blood 2 weeks only is overall control a state, its are worth normally for 1.5-2.4 fine long hair rub / litre.

Traverse test of function of cell of pancreas islet β : Include normally:

1, insulin releases an experiment: The value is hollow and normal insulin milliliter of 5-15 μ IU/ , take candy hind 1 hour to rise for hollow 5-10 times, restore to be made the same score to hollow water after 3 hours. Insulin of I diabetic person secretes severe shortage, the value secretes the insulin after eat to also be not had increase apparently; Ⅱ diabetic person is inchoate and hollow insulin level but slightly tall or normal, terminal criterion often bring down, the insulin after eat secretes height much delay to appear in 2-3 hour.

2, C peptide releases an experiment: C peptide and inside the amount that source sex insulin makes concerns into direct ratio, this experiment meaning and insulin are released experimental with.

Uric minim albumin (MALB) : Inchoate diabetic nephrosis, the uric albumen of generalization check often is negative, easy by oversight, albumen appears in needing make water or other and unusual when, nephritic disease is choppy cannot changeover. If the MALB in make water exceeds 30 milligram / 24 hours, or 20 microgramme / cent, hint inchoate kidney is damaged.
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