How to just calculate after all hollow
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When the doctor is opening exsanguinate assay sheet, for instance assay liver result, blood sugar, total meeting explains one time to the patient: "Do not eat breakfast in the morning, hollow come exsanguinate. " for this, some patients are afraid of have a meal result of meeting influence assay, be in even of exsanguinate do not have a meal in the evening before today, hunger gets the whole body faint. When assay result comes out, the doctor says everything is normal, the patient thinks the result of earning of such hollow exsanguinate assay just is correct.

Actually, the doctor tells a patient hollow blood test, not be to should check a patient to be when hungry abdomen, should not say hunger more  of 18 hour above lies the assay result of hungry condition  . Because starve condition takes a series of lash-up step, the result brings about collection blood appearance and different at ordinary times. So, the result that such assay come out although " normal " , cannot reflect true condition of the patient however.

The hunger influence to the diabetic especially apparent, because hungry time grows, with respect to shock of meeting occurrence hypoglycemia, all over cold sweat, faint even in the past, in the end injects even or out of danger of ability of rescue of dextrose of profess to convinced. Even if does not have occurrence shock, also because hollow time is too long, result of blood sugar assay is very low, be controlled easily very well for blood sugar by mistake, not was to kill oneself already misdirect doctor. Also have some of diabetic oneself blood sugar adjustment is extremely sensitive, hungry time grows, can bring the glycogen inside body into play instantly, be badly in need of in order to offer. Right now, their hematic syrup is rehabilitated and compare at ordinary times tower above a lot of, such result is incorrect also, more meeting misdirect doctor, increase a trouble to cure. So, the diabetic is in assay is hollow before blood sugar, of the previous night must have dinner.

So, how to just calculate hollow? specific requirement is: Of exsanguinate before today in the evening, the patient protects the habits and customs when keeping balance, normal food; Meal appropriate is delicate, do not drink; Meal hind does not drink coffee, strong tea; Had rested. After rising in the morning the following day, do not have breakfast, be drunk less or do not drink water, do not do early exercise sport, wait calmingly to the hospital collect blood, such hematic sample just is the good specimen that reflects true condition.

The triglyceride of some patients is particularly tall, so that serum resembling milk is same, affected the accuracy of result of assay of project of other blood ester. At this moment, the doctor can ask they eat a few days maigre, do not eat fat, make serum a bit clearer, redo is hollow exsanguinate assay.

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