Blood sugar level restores during OGTT fast person 2 model diabetic risk is low
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The course such as Abdul-Ghani of United States of report from our correspondent is followed 8 years visit observation discovery, level of the blood sugar after candy bear restores more quickly to come hollow blood sugar (FPG) level person, insulin sensitivity and insulin secrete an index all taller, development is 2 model diabetic danger is inferior. [Diabetes Care 2006, 29(7):1613]

This research brought into Shengandongniao 1282 candy in heart research are able to bear or endure the quantity suffers the person that try normally. The quantity is able to bear or endure to experiment with dextrose of profess to convinced when base line (OGTT) detects 0, 30, level of the 60 blood sugar when mixing 120 minutes, along with visit 7~8 year. The blood sugar level according to same day OGTT and FPG level will suffer cent of the person that try to be 4 groups. Calculate respectively insulin resistance, inchoate insulin is secreted and total insulin is secreted.

The result shows, during OGTT, the 1st group suffers the person that try (23) when 30 minutes blood sugar level regains FPG level the following. The 2nd group (111) mix the 3rd group (313) FPG level regains when sufferring the person that try to be mixed in 60 minutes respectively 120 minutes the following. The 4th group (835) suffer the person that try blood sugar did not fall during whole OGTT to FPG level the following. Reach the 4th group from the 1st group, insulin resistance increases gradually, insulin secretes drop off, 2 model diabetic incidence of a disease increases gradually, it is respectively 0% , 0.9% , 3.2% reach 6.4% .

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