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He Jiayi of healthy times reporter

Diagnose diabetic should check hollow blood sugar not only, and 2 hours of blood sugar after wanting to observe eat. Hollow blood sugar is normal person 3.9 ~ 6.1mmoL/L, 2 hours of blood sugar after eat 7.8 ~ 8.9mmoL/L. If hollow blood sugar is in 6.1 ~ 7.0mmoL/L, 2 hours of blood sugar after eat are able to bear or endure for candy between 7.8 ~ 11.1mmoL/L the amount is unusual, it is inchoate diabetic expression. But, this standard still can make partial diabetic leaks examine. And the diagnostic node that the United States puts forward " 5678 " the odds that can reduce diabetic leakage examine.

Teach the introduction according to Shen Yuan of Yuan of Beijing colleague hospital, to make the person precaution that does not have diabeticly diabetic, let already diabetic patient can manage amount to mark to prevent complication, diagnostic level is very important. The node of diabetic diagnostic standard that the United States puts forward is written down very easily, be called " 5678 " , that is to say is hollow blood sugar exceeds 5.6mmoL/L, the blood sugar after eat exceeds 7.8mmoL/L, be about to make further examination, if these people do candy to be able to bear or endure,the quantity experiments, among them the person of about 10 % has been diabetic person. At present home has not used this level formally, if conditional the word according to 5678 precaution, can reduce diabetic leakage examine.

Yuan Professor Shen Yuan reminds a diabetic, after the course is treated and managing, it is normal that blood sugar can is close to slowly, but want vigilant hypoglycemia. This is the contradiction between tall blood sugar and hypoglycemia. Avoid the happening of hypoglycemia effectively, of the skill with the doctor, patient cooperate, reasonable safety uses drug, and monitor scientificly etc, it is the most important.

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