Detect diabetic had new method
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Cheng Shouqin of reporter of healthy times engage by special arrangement

Recently, nanjing southeast university is accessary in large hospital endocrine division takes the lead in using home's at present most advanced immune print law to detect in Nanjing area diabetic, make clinical diagnose diabetic had more accurate detect method.

According to southeast university accessary in vice director of division Jin Hui introduces large hospital endocrine, diagnose before diabetic outside eliminating quota of patient symptom, blood sugar, can undertake individual antibody detects only, and the susceptibility that this kind of individual event detects has 40% ~ only 70% . The immune print law that large hospital takes the lead in beginning in detects diabetic, need only draw-out blood of a few milliliter, can detect at the same time an antibody of pancreas islet cell, glutamic acid takes off carboxyl enzymatic antibody, insulin oneself antibody 3 kinds of antibody, 3 kinds of antibody detect jointly right 1 model diabetic detected sensitivity is as high as 98% , can make component very quickly according to result doctor model diagnose, this method is very tall to having semiotic crowd to be had likewise calculate value.

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