Was your assay controlled by medicines and chemical reagents
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The person of nowadays check-up is more, but if certain drug was used before check-up, with respect to the accuracy that can affect assay result.

Ms. Zhang, 42 years old, mufti vitamin C. This check-up, when groovy assay taking make water, discover uric candy (thirty) . She is big Jing, thought diabetic. The doctor lets his stop after taking 3 days, check again, result all normal. Doctor explanation says: "You take a large number of VC for a long time, this medicine can make uric candy shows false positive reaction, actually you are not had diabetic. " similar case still has --

One, hormone medicaments uses a cortin, the pine that inject takes an examination of hind, go again when blood test, can show blood sugar heighten. Can make again heighten of low density lipoprotein. Be like again, used blood of the assay after estrogen prophylactic, can make plaque, red blood cell decreases.

2, if demulcent and antiphlogistic medicine used herion, Du Lengding, codeine, diminish inflammation painful wait for medicines and chemical reagents, the convulsion of Ao Di constrictor that can make mouth of total bile duct is in, and the amylase content in causing blood and make water is apparently elevatory, and meeting by accident examine is " pancreatitis " (using the influence inside afore-mentioned medicaments 3-4 hours bigger) .

3, if antibacterial content used sulphanilamide or penicillin hind, can make blood in the urine acerbity heighten.

4, if diuresis medicine overcomes make water with Shuang Qing after acid of a place of strategic importance, diuresis, fast make water, because make the kidney appears,protect sodium to be not potassium action, can make hematic Potassium low, acerbity heighten of blood in the urine, blood sugar heighten. But if used An Tishu to connect diuresis hind, can make hematic natrium low again, blood is chloric heighten of Potassium of low, blood.

5, anticarcinogen content it makes the red blood cell in blood, leucocyte, plaque, haemoglobin decreases. Damage of function of liver function, kidney is killed.

6, it can cause anticoagulant content heparin 3 fat reduce the glycerine in blood. Additional, if used Zun Xuan,be in when remedial quiver is paralytic much cling to kind when medicaments, can make make water medium ketone body colour developing is unusual and masked customary response, judge normally hard.

To get accurate assay result, suggest every is before check-up assay, all need out of service afore-mentioned influential to examining medicines and chemical reagents 24 to 48 hours, take assay sample again.

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