What does diabetic first visit to a doctor check (on)
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Jinan hospital is diabetic Wang Jianhua of director of center of diagnosis and treatment

Give expert outpatient service to meet sick person to ask me every time almost: "Check uric candy only can is diagnose diabetic? " " diabetic be blood sugar high point? Is other item still necessary to check? " " my vision is normal, why to inspect eye ground even? " the problem of such still has lots and lots of. If do not ask solution to a problem Shi Qingchu these, the patient does not deserve to close to the examination likely, cause the patient's misunderstanding even.

Diabetic it is a kind of metabolization is asked for integratedly mussily, can bring about the much viscera such as heart, head, kidney, eye, nerve to damage. Accordingly, look to the hospital diabetic, break besides clear examine beyond, whether should still incorporate clearly further fat of hypertensive, tall blood, fat metabolize with etc disorder, have without diabetic all sorts of urgent, chronic complication that cause, degree of be in a bad way after all how. It is clear to examine these issues examine these issues, also achieved the goal that we see a doctor, in the meantime, also provided comprehensive basis for the systematic cure henceforth. So, what inspection should diabetic patient make after all?

The first: With diagnose, cent concerned examination

Blood sugar is to diagnose diabetic basis, include hollow with two hours of blood sugar after eat, according to the standard of World Health Organization, 7 fine long hair of ≥ of hollow blood sugar rub Er / litre (126 milligram / cent rises) and / or 11.1 fine long hair of ≥ of two hours of blood sugar after eat rub Er / litre (200 milligram / cent rises) , can diagnose for diabetic. Need notices at 2 o'clock: It is the blood sugar after cannot ignoring eat, because it is right diabetic inchoate diagnostic sense is greater; 2 it is uric candy positive regards diabetic diagnosis as clew only, cannot serve as diagnostic basis. In other words, cannot according to uric candy masculine gender or electronegative diagnose or eliminate diabetic.

Dextrose of profess to convinced is able to bear or endure the quantity experiments (OGTT experiments) when the patient hollow or it is normal that the blood sugar after eat is compared person on the high side, but return short of when diabetic diagnostic standard, do OGTT test further with respect to need, will decide is after all " candy adjustment is damaged (I - GR) " true still diabetic.

Pancreas islet function measures definitive edition experiment to include insulin to release an experiment (IRT) release an experiment with C peptide (CPRT) . This experiment is passed determine the patient is hollow after reaching eat individually when the exudation that nods insulin and C peptide level and curvilinear characteristic, know the exhaustion extent of function of patient pancreas islet, assistance judges diabetic clinical cent model.

Examination of antibody of B cell oneself includes glutamic acid to take off carboxyl enzymatic antibody (GA - DA) , insulin antibody (IAA) , antibody of pancreas islet cell (ICA) etc. This examination basically is used at diabetic cent model, 1 model diabetic patient often antibody shows masculine gender, 2 model it is negative.
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