How to read diabetic assay sheet (one)
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Zhang Jiaqing

Diabetic it is a kind of common disease. Its are diagnosed and cure is followed visit, look only have be being changed without symptom or symptom is far insufficient, must undertake a lot of assay are checked. Accordingly, diabetic patient also should learn how to read these assay sheet.

Blood sugar determines

Diabetic it is the is a feature with chronic tall blood sugar metabolization that causes as a result of a variety of pathogenies disorder, so its are diagnosed must rely on blood sugar examination. The assay sheet that reads blood sugar nevertheless has greatly exquisite.

Above all, should distinguishing this is draw-out vein blood or finger tip blood. Vein blood should depart in hospital laboratory commonly after purify red blood cell, undertake with plasma automatic or semi-automatic instrument determines. And finger tip blood is to use a complete blood to be on test paper, determine quickly with appearance of pocket blood sugar. The blood sugar value of plasma and complete blood may be different. Because red blood cell is medium dextrose is very few, the blood sugar cost that the value of hollow blood sugar of the complete blood that contains red blood cell so compares plasma wants low about 12% . At present diabetic diagnostic standard is blood sugar is worth hollow plasma to be more than or be equal to 7 fine long hair rub Er / rise. If the symptom determines,can diagnose, if do not have a symptom,measure again after a few days too still tall also can diagnose. If measure blood capillary complete blood, criterion this value is 6.1 fine long hair of ≥ accordingly rub Er / litre. The blood sugar value that should measure vein plasma again right now is diagnosed with affirmation.

Next, want to see the time that measures blood sugar. It is commonly hollow blood is taken after 8 hours. But the blood sugar after also can measuring eat, should dining after beginning 2 hours determine. After because be,dining right now, reason diagnostic standard is tallish, serous blood sugar is more than or be equal to 11.1 fine long hair namely rub Er / rise ability to diagnose. As to blood capillary complete blood, right now with hollow and different. Because of the dextrose preexistence artery that after dining, absorbs, make vein is returned again after metabolization with all sorts of organization cells in blood capillary later, reason vein blood sugar is more arterial blood sugar is low. And blood capillary blood is adjacent at arterial blood, so blood sugar of complete blood of postprandial blood capillary compares vein plasma in that way when unlike is hollow blood sugar is low 12% , however basic and identical, i.e. is be more than or be equal to 11.1 fine long hair rub Er / rise ability to diagnose.

Of course, to our patient, do not go much dispute these complex theory. Change to follow the patient's condition that seeks oneself, buy the gift of pocket blood sugar with a good quality, time measure blood sugar (think eat hind is measured 2 hours at present than hollow measure a content big) . Observe value of this blood sugar has do not have apparent rise or drop, this can explain treatment is proper very much. Because fall too much to come 3 fine long hair rub Er / rise the following hypoglycemia, bad instead.
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