2 model diabetic detect the clinical value of Alb of morning make water
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[summary] purpose evaluation determines 2 model albumin of diabetic morning make water (the clinical value of Alb) . Methodological the corresponding period detects 20 normal people mix 33 2 model small globulin of ratio of Alb/ Cr of diabetic morning make water, Alb and α 1 - (chroma of α 1 - MG) . Result (≥ of 1) Alb/ Cr 2. 5 Mg/ Mmol diagnoses a standard for inchoate diabetic nephrosis, alb of make water of morning of series of inchoate diabetic nephrosis is more diabetic uric albumin is normal the group is remarkable and elevatory (P<0. 001) , also calibration ordinary person lifts significantly (P<0. 001) . (Alb of 2) morning make water and uric Alb/ Cr are in normal person or 2 model diabetic philtrum, all show positive to close. Alb of conclusion morning make water can serve as monitor 2 model diabetic kidney is inchoate one of pathological changes index.

The Clinical Significance Of Detection Of Urinary Albumin In Type 2 Diabetes ZHAO Chun-rong, CHEN Gao-xiang, GUI Shu-hua, et Al. Department Of Medicine, the Third Affiliated Hospital Of Nantong Medical College, wuxi 214041, china

[Abstract] Objective To Evaluate The Clinical Significance Of Detection Of Urinary Albumin In Type 2 Diabetes. 1-MG)in Morning Urinary Specimens of α of 1-microglobulin(of α of Methods To Measure Albumin/ Creatimine (Alb/ Cr) And Urinary Albumin And, from 20 Normal Controls And 33 Diabetes. ≥ of Results (1) Urinary Alb/ Cr 2. 5mg/ Mmol Was Considered As A Marker Of Diabetes Nephropathy(DN) . Urinary Was Significantly Increased In DN Than That In Diabetes With Normal Urinary Alb. (2) Urinary Alb And Alb/ Cr Was Positively Correlated In Controls And Type 2 Diabetes. Conclusions Urinary Alb Could Be Considered A Marker Of Inspection In DN.

[Key Words] Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus; Diabtetic Nephropathies; Urinary Albumin

Diabetic nephrosis is one of complication of diabetic chronic capillary, its are inchoate diagnose the clinical value with be had fundamental, minim albumin make water is a when diagnose inchoate diabetic nephrosis accepted index. The article is mixed to normal person 2 model the diabetic determines chroma of Alb of morning make water, be in in order to discuss its 2 model diabetic in the clinical value that monitors inchoate kidney pathological change.

Data and method

1 object 33 2 model the diabetic is accorded with WHO diagnosed a standard 1985, among them male 21, female 12. The age 29 ~ 78 years old (59. 8 ± 11. 4) year old. Sicken time is 2 months ~ 20 years (5. 2 ± 5. 1) year. Except ketosis acid is toxic, heart failure, hypertensive, urology infection, other kidney disease and take kidney to damage medicaments to wait. The basis detects ratio of uric Alb/ Cr, cent is uric Alb/ Cr<2. Group of 5 Mg/ Mmol is normal albumin namely uric group (group of DM- Ⅰ ) value of Alb/ Cr of; make water is in 2. Group of 25mg/ Mmol of ~ of 5 Mg/ Mmol is group of inchoate diabetic nephrosis namely (DM- Ⅱ group) . Contrast normally group (NC group) 20. Among them male 13, female 7. The age (51. 2 ± 10. 8) year old. The healthy person that fastens a disease without make water of heart and vessels, endocrine, secrete.
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