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A lot of stay up late a group of things with common features work overtime the discovery after the job, not only not tired thin, instead " more nervous fatter " , diabetic to having familial history for the person, if do not carry normal weight, can increase suffer from diabetic odds.

The person with fast rhythm of mental pressing muscularity, life is fat tall danger crowd, because mental insecurity causes endocrinopathy, adipose and new distributing, in the meantime, still can bring about constipation, go out into how little, and life insecurity, general affairs is busy, can increase the time of mental work substantially, reduce physical labor ceaselessly, decreased thereby adipose the opportunity that waste.

Such weight nature can increase subsequently. Compare with someone else photograph, have familial history the person is existing certain sicken inducement, if the condition suits, be in like the seed like encountering proper environment, very quick meeting is rooted and gemmiparous. From clinical on look, control to half an year in 3 months commonly, of this kind of endocrine maladjusted come out with respect to meeting expression, accordingly, if spirit lies continuously " weigh " 3 months above, must put to spirit " big holiday " .

In addition, carry normal weight, the life that is far from insecurity is divided still need the habits and customs with good nurturance, include Morpheus to the rule, job has the rule, food to have the law, motion also should have the law, in letting the body be in the condition of a rule. Can enjoy the fun that take exercise not only so, still can let the body be far from diabetic danger.

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