The expert reminds: "Candy is friendly " need to make the note that use drug
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Chongqing of Xinhua News Agency on August 15 report (Ceng Li) current and clinical on cure is diabetic still basically rely on long-term remedy to control, and still need to change to be adjusted in time according to the discretion of patient blood sugar with medicine. Recently, hospital of new bridge of the third Military Medical University is endocrine division director Xu Zihui is postdoctoral special remind broad " candy is friendly " , need to had made the note that use drug below doctor guidance, so that be " candy is friendly " formulate is more scientific " individuation " remedial program.

According to Introduction Xu Zihui postdoctoral, take notes with medicine, it is to use a record " candy is friendly " whole medication process, by doctor, patient or the family member fills in jointly, need long-term, consecutive record. The doctor uses drug through reading what the patient records pertinent information, will examine the remedial effect of medicaments; Analytic medicaments is undesirable reaction, search prime criminal; Discover the characteristic of the patient that use drug, what so that accomplish,be aimed at patient condition is individual change with medicine. And, the patient is being taken " note " go moving medicine, doctor and apothecary can know the their current condition that use drug, can avoid to repeat with medicine.

General " candy is friendly " the note that use drug includes everyday insulin or profess to convinced fall the use circumstance of candy medicine, when using drug, ate how many meal, how much is the blood sugar after anteprandial meal, whether did hypoglycemia appear after gone medicine, add meat, besides fall the medicaments of blood sugar still ate what other remedy to wait.

Especially to 2 model diabetic need basis uses medical note formulate " individuation " remedial program. Although the cell of pancreas islet β because of them can secrete the insulin of certain amount, but insulin secretes inadequacy to produce insulin resistance with reach insulin to accept put oneself in another's position or accepting the blemish after body, cause insulin cannot the physiology effect with very good normal play, can do only when cure so " individual change " cure, curative effect just has been met. If be insulin,damage is given priority to, at the same time companion has insulin to resist, should consider to dominate blood sugar when using drug while, the attention improves insulin resistance and function of cell of β of protective pancreas islet; If be insulin,resistance is given priority to, at the same time companion has blood sugar light in degree elevatory, want to improve insulin resistance mainly, cooperate appropriately a few fall candy medicaments.

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