Two kinds " candy is friendly " as far as possible little drive
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The diabetic that a lot of countries stipulate insulin is treated clearly or Niao of sulphur of profess to convinced kind the patient of medicaments cannot drive alone illicit home car.

Because introduce these two kinds of candy friend that treat way, if use drug a little deviation is very incidental hypoglycemia reaction, to candy friend, even if longitudinal blood sugar is reduced or only and slight hypoglycemia, to driving ability also can produce adverse effect, so, on the problem that friend of these two kinds of candy is driving must " strict him requirement " , do not drive as far as possible.

In addition, the candy friend that uses other way treatment also wants to notice when drive, in the sugar that lash-up of the stock inside the car uses or the food that contain carbohydrate, when producing hypoglycemia to react, must stop to drive immediately.

In the meantime, before long-distance journey, make good journey arrangement, estimate all sorts of encounters possibly problems in journey adequately, had made corresponding preparative work, how when why repast, rest why when, monitor blood sugar why when, when to He De gives or take an injection or take drug, blood sugar must be monitored before setting out.

Expert introduction, british diabetic, must check regularly illness, only the illness is permitted, ability continues explain get a driver's license.

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