Ego dominates blood sugar " character 8 classics "
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Learn more: Sufferred from diabetic, must learn a dot to concern diabetic knowledge more, if see sanitarian book and the press, listen to special subject lecture, perhaps protect personnel to seek advice to cure. Not sciolistic, do not understand outfit understand and illness of incur loss through delay.

Eat less: Dietotherapy is the foundation of diabetic comprehensive treatment. Food is optional, although fall with a few kinds,candy medicine also dominates blood sugar hard; If the patient does not control food, reduce blood sugar however through increasing insulin dose, can create vicious circle.

Move frequently: Kinesiatrics fits Ⅱ diabetic person particularly, because long-term and proper motion can enhance airframe,be opposite the sensitivity of insulin. Young patient can choose to ride a bicycle, on foot; Senile patient undertakes taking a walk, hit shadowboxing to wait.

Loosen: Mood insecurity, excited with worry, adverse to dominating blood sugar. The diabetic wants happy-go-lucky, hopeful and optimistic, want to maintain good state of mind only, cooperate a doctor actively, adjust with medicine, can control an illness to make progress certainly.

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