Wake diabetic person sleeps lie-in is adverse control blood sugar
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Now and then sleep a lie-in, do not have what problem to healthy person, but to diabetic person, make an illness probably aggravating. Because want to dominate blood sugar, diabetic person must hold to regular life, undesirable Morpheus habit can affect the wave motion of blood sugar.

Shanghai traffic university is accessary division director Peng Yongde says endocrine of hospital of the first people, the rule of person daily life and normal biological clock are synchronous, also want to follow such pattern with medicine, and the time that Morpheus time grows meeting influence to dine too, affected the time that take medicine of course, go against the control of blood sugar.

Arrived at 4 o'clock in the morning in the morning at 9 o'clock, it is the period of time that blood sugar lifts the most easily. Use dosage in the morning so bigger, if did not get up on time in the morning, have a meal on time with medicine, whole diurnal blood sugar rule is thrown into confusion thoroughly, what can cause blood sugar is elevatory, increase nephritic burden, bring about the wave motion of blood sugar subsequently, increase pair of hemal harm, also accentuated illness. Peng Yongde says, slept a lie-in, blood sugar is a lot of more elevatory however, it is undeserved really to the diabetic.

Still have some of patient that effect insulin grows in using, if have a meal not in time,continue to sleep, the remedy that uses in the evening before today still is in effective, create the risk of hypoglycemia easily. Compare big patient to a few age especially, the hypoglycemia in Morpheus can be brought about insensible, serious when may critical life.

Peng Yongde suggests, the Morpheus of diabetic person must abide by scientific time, the time that sleeps in the evening does not want too late, had better be before 10 o'clock, and came to got up at 8 o'clock at 6 o'clock in the morning the following day. If candy friend sleeps less in the evening before today, need morning " fill fill become aware " , had better arrive at 6 o'clock in the morning at 8 o'clock when rise take fall candy medicine or compensatory insulin, such ability make sure blood sugar is insusceptible.

Besides time of scientific work and rest, the diabetic notices the understanding of pair of illness rate even, besides the daily blood sugar that monitor, even every 2~3 lunar check looks up saccharification haemoglobin, sum up oneself the condition inside a phase, so that control an illness better, formulate next remedial program.

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