Diabetic person wants vigilance " matutinal phenomenon "
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Because the discretion of hollow blood sugar is deciding level of round-the-clock blood sugar directly, so the diabetic needs to always stare at the change of hollow blood sugar closely. Clinical not little patient mirrors: It is normal that the blood sugar before sleeping obviously is monitored, also did not have a thing in the middle of the night, get up in the morning the following day why to measure hollow blood sugar to often exceed bid? This is " perplex " the common problem of a lot of diabetics, cannot escape normally " matutinal phenomenon " . Because there are a lot of different hormones inside human body, a lot of hormone have the effect of elevatory blood sugar, if candy is coriaceous hormone, thyroid hormone, and the exudation of these hormone the height appears in before dawn commonly consummate midday, easy bring about blood sugar to lift, this is so called " matutinal phenomenon " .

Hollow blood sugar is elevatory when early morning, basically have two kinds of cases, if be nightly blood sugar control is good, also do not have hypoglycemia happening, mere Yu Qingchen the blood sugar inside period of time is very tall, namely " matutinal phenomenon " . The reason that to differentiate early morning hollow blood sugar lifts, the patient can use midnight for many times to determine the method of blood sugar. Common practice is to detect first before dawn the 3 blood sugar when, exist without hypoglycemia with having certainly, detect next the blood sugar of early morning. If before dawn 3 when blood sugar not under normal, and early morning is hollow blood sugar is elevatory, call " matutinal phenomenon " .

Because of " matutinal phenomenon " the hollow blood sugar that bring about is elevatory can pass insulin of the effect in using is added before sleeping, adjust insulin or profess to convinced falls candy medicine dosage will solve. Have " matutinal phenomenon " diabetic but days profess to convinced falls on the foundation of candy medicaments, insulin of the effect in using subcutaneous injection is added before sleeping, can get favorable curative effect, make early morning hollow the phenomenon with tall blood sugar gets controlling. But want to notice: Need to add before inject feed before sleeping fastfood, wait like half cups of milk and two biscuit, happen in order to avoid the hypoglycemia after inject insulin. Once early morning is hollow,blood sugar gains satisfactory control, the blood sugar after eat also is controlled easily by day. But the expert also points out, early morning is not added easily when hollow blood sugar is elevatory take fall candy medicine, and should make clear first cause early morning the reason with hollow elevatory blood sugar, be in next specialized subject doctor is directive adjustment to fall next the dosage of candy medicaments or insulin, produce risk in order to avoid.

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