The diabetic is worn less " slug shoe "
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Diabetic foot is very " fragile " , it is important all the more to choose a pair of comfortable good shoes, then many patients, especially when old people is choosing a shoe, favore cloth to make particularly " slug shoe " .

Dress " slug shoe " walk along a road to come soft and comfortable, and return very breathe freely, it is pretty good really for the person that to the foot love perspires. The liberation army division director Zhu Kaisai says 305 hospitals endocrine, but diabetic often oversight the sole of this kind of shoe already thin soft, be waited very easily to the eyewinker press or rub against of edges and corners is worn by gravelstone head, to having the diabetic person of nerve capillary pathological changes for, can make double foot gets hurt.

Accordingly, these people had better not choose " slug shoe " , might as well choose sole a little some thicker, flexibility is good and defend slippery bovine muscle bottom or balata rough draft, shoe forehead should be circle or square. When the patient is wearing new shoe, answer to try on half hours first, grind red place to be able to place a few cotton, the time that wears new shoe can be extended gradually everyday when having obvious question. (

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