Remind candy friend does not take patulin in disorder badly
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Before diabetic person eats patulin must read manual of medicines and chemical reagents carefully, and had better be below the doctor's guidance take. Because a lot of patulin contain hemp of certain hydrochloric acid bogus,fizzle out alkaline composition, new Kangtaike, Bai Jia is for instance black, peaceful Nuo, cause blood sugar easily to lift, diabetic Ying Shen is taken.

"Treating cold field, huang Jian of hemp of hydrochloric acid bogus is a kind of very good medicine really, but it has certain side effect however to diabetic person, especially the diabetic person with not stable blood sugar wants special caution. " division Dou Jingtao's associate professor introduces endocrine of liberation army total hospital, huang Jian of hemp of hydrochloric acid bogus is draft adrenalin medicine, have the blood capillary of contractive the upper respiratory tract, effect that relieves n&v snuffle symptom. In the meantime, huang Jian of hemp of hydrochloric acid bogus also can lift blood sugar, to the diabetic person with not stable blood sugar, can cause ketosis sick at heart even toxic.

Additional, if catching a cold to still have a fever at the same time, after taking the remedy that contains Huang Jian of hemp of hydrochloric acid bogus, meet a large number of perspiring when allay a fever commonly, average person perspires in great quantities the question is not big, but diabetic person perspires in great quantities, the moisture inside body can decrease quickly, can cause blood sugar wave motion thereby, serious person still can have life risk. Accordingly, to avoid a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of moisture, during diabetic person is taking patulin, want to notice to drink water more.

The associate professor reminds Dou Jingtao, the very ordinary cold in daily life, have a fever such ailment, to diabetic person, pose life risk possibly. Accordingly, no matter blood sugar is stable, diabetic person wants to use drug below the doctor's guidance, cannot take patulin to eat, more cannot because fear the harmful response of patulin and do not grant to treat. Because of cold hind, diabetic person is phlegmy the candy cent content in can increase, become germiculture base, cause lung infection, infection can make blood sugar lifts quickly, cause diabetic ketosis and ketosis sick at heart toxic etc, have risk to diabetic person likewise.

Suffer visit an expert: Dou Jingtao, vice director doctor, associate professor. Be like suppression of diabetic, hypophysis, thyroid, pancreatic, adrenal, bone to wait for sickness make a diagnosis and give treatment to have rich experience to all sorts of endocrine metabolization diseases, development of side overweight sex is unusual the make a diagnosis and give treatment of the disease.

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