Diabetic person careful drive
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In the patient that in the hospital diabetic specialized subject sees a doctor, have a lot of people oneself drive, there is no lack of among them taxi driver. Advocate the concerned expert of examine is very afraid to this, often admonish they: Have diabetic friend outer drive must particularly discreet, because disease reason is built,become traffic accident very easily otherwise.

Why is diabetic patient incidental Where is traffic accident?

Working strength of the driver is great, the thought when driving must be centered highly, daily should consume a large number of energy, physical power, add the life not the rule, cannot dine on time constantly, especially taxi driver, sometimes to carry a passenger, eat a few food only. Have diabetic driver, before driving, constant profess to convinced or inject fall the medicaments with candy very strong action, if actor falls candy, insulin, at this moment, if dine not in time, with respect to very incidental hypoglycemia, occurrence dizziness, faint, hand trembles, risk the symptom such as cold sweat and cause traffic accident.

Suffer from diabetic driver to have eye disease mostly, if flesh of corneal pathological changes, eye is paralytic, glaucoma, retinal pathological changes. Among them the mainest have diabetic cataract, diabetic retinal pathological change, often bring about eyesight to drop if really ever since, driver but because look matter not clear and cause traffic accident.

Diabetic nerve pathological changes but drag in is sensory nerve, motorial with plant nerve, expression is limbs ache, intermittence or durative fit, at the same time existence feeling drops or feel unusual, expression is socks appearance or glove appearance feeling drops, limbs coma often shows symmetry to distributing, can have the feeling such as formication, feeling getting an electric shock unusual, this metropolis affects normal operation of the driver and judgement ability.

Diabetic sex coronary heart disease constant because the symptom is not typical, connecting angina pectoris sometimes also is " without painful sex " . This often lets mistake of a few drivers be " do not have a thing " , once meet emergency, cause the symptom such as cyanosis of difficulty of the ache before the bosom, breath, lip extremely easily, serious person can produce sudden death. Such, the person safety of driver and passenger all can be browbeaten.

To this, concerned expert advice says: Blood sugar had better be measured before the driver drives, once appear,hypoglycemia reacts, the simplest method is to dine instantly, drink syrup or take candy. If long-distance drive, the contains carbohydrate food of enough and whole itinerary edible should be deposited in the small store ark of the cab in you, facilitate take in time with, and should every other jockeys 2 hours add meat.
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