Diabetic damage spermatozoon
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British researcher discovers, diabetic the spermatozoon that may injure a man, affect their fecundity.

In the research that compares pair of diabetics and the spermatozoon DNA that are not a diabetic in, researcher discovery has diabetic man the DNA injury in its spermatozoon is more serious -- this is the mark that fecundity drops likely extremely. Researcher studied 27 suffer from 1 model the sperm that diabetic man place produces, their average age is 34 years old, 29 when still have age close when participate research additionally do not have diabetic man. They discover the seminal fluid of the diabetic measures on the low side, other nevertheless test index include spermatozoon to show it is normal to be the chroma, appearance that shoots a quantity, spermatozoon, structure and move about ability. But after observing DNA when researcher, they sufferred from diabetic man spermatozoon to get with respect to discovery more serious harm.

Spermatozoon damage will weaken birth function of the male directly, the likelihood returns meeting and abortion history concerned couplet. The man that researcher looks for wants those who accept fecundity to detect. 1 model diabetic it is the cell in destroying the pancreas that secretes insulin erroneously by the body and cause. More common 2 model diabetic origin is fat, food unscientific and lack moves. Because those did not have the treatment that diabetic volunteer also is accepting birth respect likewise, because this researcher says their spermatozoon,scathing rate also may be met more serious than common man.

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