Diabetic person is unfavorable glasses of the form that wear concealed
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In public much " glasses a group of things with common features " when scramble for sth matchs glasses of Dai Yin form, ophthalmologist points out, although invisible glasses has many advantages than traditional frame glasses, but it also has certain limitation, xerophthalmia, diabetic, epilepsy and allergic constitution person do not suit glasses of Dai Yin form, use undeserved can cause a lot of complication more.

Adorn day and night suffer from on keratitis

Miss Zhu that holds the position of administrator in a bazaar wears concealed for a long time form glasses, be away on official business to the other place continuously before the Spring Festival, day and night not glasses of form of discharge ground Dai Yin, till be away on official business,end. After answering Shanghai, miss Zhu feels his eye is dry and afflictive, check to the hospital, discovery suffers from went up serious keratitis, at least 9 months cannot wear concealed again form glasses. As we have learned, similar Miss Zhu the office of such practices a group of things with common features many.

Foreign newest data makes clear, had not developed on the world at present go out to suit the mankind to deserve for a long time to wear truly (namely successive pass the night deserves to wear) invisible glasses, sell on the market at present that is to say " long Dai Jing " , " Zhou Daijing " best confine days is used. The oxygen that corneal place of the person needs basically originates air, and the oxygen in air dissolves only be absorbed to use by cornea in the ability in tear. Open have sth in mind by day, oxygen is supplied enough, arrived nightly isolated because of the key point is being closed when Morpheus air, make the exudation of tear and circular function corresponding bring down, very easy deposit is in the corporeal material inside conjunctiva bursa invisible on glasses, make a corneal anoxic phenomenon aggravating, if make the eye is in this kind of condition for a long time, light person sex of can acting countervail makes corneal periphery produces new student blood-vessel, the person that weigh can produce corneal oedema, epithelial damage, if encounter a bacterium to be able to cause inflammation again, form ulcer even.

Diabetic wait for a patient to cannot be worn

The Ms. Liu not long ago that works in the foreign enterprise matched a pair invisible glasses, after can be being worn, always feel eye hair is acerbity, be in later in having a medical check-up, oculist discovers she has xerophthalmia, suit glasses of the form that wear concealed far from. Can be when glasses inn optometry, tell her to cannot wear concealed without the person form glasses.

Invisible glasses is things of a kind of medical treatment, should check through the doctor and the ability after be being evaluated carefully can deserve to wear, cannot random check matchs, otherwise can the symptom such as corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis appears. More should of bring to sb's attention is, have allergic constitution, thyroid function the patient of disease of maladjusted, epilepsy, diabetic, rheumatoid arthritis and have xerophthalmia, eyelash environment of work of long, palpebral varus or evaginate, life belongs to high temperature the myopia of much dirt a group of things with common features, do not match glasses of the form that wear concealed as far as possible.
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