Morpheus snores get easily diabetic
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Researcher of Yale college of medicine is in the United States 21 days the report on conference of 2007 year international says thorax association, breath of block sex Morpheus suspends asking for patient meet with integratedly to suffer from Ⅱ diabetic dangerous sex to be able to increase greatly.

Research group from " system of hygiene of Di Ge of Kang Nie of ministry of veteran general affairs " in selected 593 patients, undertake sleep-disorder breathes evaluation. Every patient is in a special sleep lab accepted " Morpheus guides more graph " test, in order to diagnose what person suffers from breath of block sex Morpheus to suspend be being asked for integratedly in them.

Dog in what be as long as 6 years next inside investigation period, researcher discovery, 2 diagnose suffers from Morpheus to breathe the patient meet with that time-out asks for integratedly to suffer from diabetic odds is someone else. 5 times above. Researcher returns discovery, degree of Morpheus breath time-out is more serious, get diabetic dangerous sex to also be jumped over accordingly big.

Study the group says, they still are not clear that Morpheus breathes at present time-out and diabetic between cause mechanism specificly, but preliminary analysis thinks, morpheus breath time-out may spark a series of reaction inside human body, include level of coriaceous mellow hormone to lift etc. Low oxygen level also may be to cause diabetic main factor inside the system that additionally Morpheus breath suspends bringing about.

Current, the most efficient way that remedial Morpheus breath suspends be being asked for integratedly is have the aid of a kind the name is " pressing respiratory tract to give oxygen continuously " lung ventilator, the patient gives through face guard or nose cover when Morpheus " transport gas " , assure to go up spirit way unobstructed. Study the group says, while they will study this kind of therapeutics is improving Morpheus next, whether can also alleviate diabetic illness.

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