Science uses blood sugar instrument
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As a result of appearance of fast blood sugar convenient, quick, result is reliable, its price patient can bear, a lot of diabetics had his blood sugar appearance now, never leave home to be able to know blood sugar condition namely, applied this instrument scientificly to become the key with diabetic control so. The instrument is used want science

Appearance of common new-style blood sugar (steadily blood sugar appearance) , when switching on the mobile phone every time, did inside check, can detect directly blood sugar, daily and corrective 1 can.

Blood sugar test paper is used correctly crucial. The code that blood sugar appearance displays and test paper wrap the password that mount place imprints to answer conform to, both conform to just can check. Should notice test paper period of efficacy, cannot use expire test paper. Try scrip to be not deposited be under 2 ℃ or in the environment of 30 ℃ above, want to be saved inside the box, after taking, want to had been built in time, prevent dirt adsorption or moisture. Should maintain test paper to prop up area cleanness, prevent haemal stick together, swab with clear water regularly, do not point to feeling with the hand, lest make react film reacts the area is damaged, the influence detects result.

Want appropriate to protect good instrument, should notice particularly dustproof and moistureproof. When using, blood sugar appearance should be in temperature 40 ℃ of 10 ℃ , 20 minutes of above are placed at least in the environment of humidity 20% 80% , the attention prevents electromagnetism interference. The place that collect blood wants reasonable

Want to notice to adopt the position of the hand when blood: Control is down, be needed to point to falling, orchid of be similar in shape of lift up of the others finger points to, the place that nod thorn should be in finger nadir, make hematic bead and finger form tangent plane. Place extraction blood is finger needle commonly, avoid to take hematic place too stand by fingernail, because this can increase the dangerous sex of infection. Monitor blood sugar of blood capillary pointing to end to answer extreme of first selection ring finger. Need to monitor the patient of blood sugar, secure relatively in a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces of period of time show in a finger end collects blood, so that make accurate judgement. The method that collect blood wants correct

Apply 75% alcohol to disinfect the skin, notice alcohol is easy at the same time volatilize, should accomplish adjust specific gravity regularly. Disinfection is used after the spot is safe and dry steadily the one-time pinhead thorn that blood sugar appearance deploys defeats millimeter of skin 2 3, haemal nature is poured out of, make the plotting conform to on hematic bead and test paper, those who avoid to exert oneself to do sth. crowded blood causes tissue fluid is abnormal oozy, assure measures so that blood sugar is worth accuracy thereby.
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