How does the diabetic measure blood sugar oneself
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Hollow blood sugar is one of quota that monitor diabetic illness to control stand or fall, general requirement is abstinence and rest 8 ~ 12 hours, at morrow early morning 8 when before measure blood sugar value.

Some patients often were doing chore or hospital register queueing up arrives early again after taking exercise, may arrive in the morning 10 when later, still saying midday nearly even is to measure hollow blood sugar. Although be,be in hollow condition right now, but already cannot reflect the hollow blood sugar level below fundamental condition objectively. Accurate method should be: Blood sugar is measured in the home instantly after getting up in the morning, make good record, after taking medicine to take food by convention, before taking the minute book that monitor, past hospital sees a doctor. The person that do not have blood sugar appearance, answer to determine in what voidance abdomen blood sugar is over early to the hospital before 8 o'clock.

2 hours of blood sugar after eat have two clinical senses: It is to regard as diagnose diabetic basis, 2 it is the reference that regards observation as medicaments curative effect. The happening of 2 hours of blood sugar after eat and cardiovascular complication shows positive to close.

The method of the test is hollow 8 ~ 12 hours, eat 75 grams dextrose pink (can use 2 two steamed breads or dextrose fluid of 7 half 50 % ) , calculate the phlebotomize after rising 2 hours to detect from the first. Be being monitored daily is the food that provides according to doctor's advice and after using drug, from the blood sugar value after the first food begins 2 hours.

The blood sugar of the diabetic is changing all the time, but a lot of people do not have appearance of appropriative blood sugar, and can now and then check blood sugar to the hospital, this can not reflect the metabolic condition of round-the-clock blood sugar. Ill patient should study the method that masters blood sugar to ego is monitored and be recorded, everyday food, motion, with medicine, blood sugar metabolic record comes down, such but illness of bona fide report is round-the-clock, complete month even the integral circumstance of annual, discover the reason that causes blood sugar to lift from which, prevent the ingredient with elevatory blood sugar as far as possible, plan of cure of reasonable attune punish, control complication happening better.

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