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Appearance of family expenses blood sugar, to a lot of diabetics, it is the life in indispensable " helper " , mix in directive food having huge effect with formulary face. But as a year of new arrival, concerned expert reminds a diabetic, might as well to you blood sugar appearance is done " check-up " , lest by " malfunction " blood sugar appearance " flicker " you are healthy.

So, how to give blood sugar appearance " check-up " ? River of division director Liu Jun says endocrine of hospital of Heibei province people, detect the method with blood sugar whether accurate best appearance is, the patient reachs a hospital exsanguinate check vein blood sugar, in the meantime, him reoccupy appearance of family expenses blood sugar measures blood sugar of end pointing to end. Contrast with these two results, OK and preliminary conclude, but actually, both and general meeting has certain difference, explanation of Liu Jun river says, what measure because of blood sugar appearance is complete blood blood sugar, and examine division criterion wants purify red blood cell, determine with plasma. The dextrose in red blood cell is little, the complete blood that contains red blood cell so measures the value that give to should be worth under serous blood sugar a bit, if difference is in,15% less than of ± are normal, not be quality problem.

If such detecting,the method undertakes twice, the difference coefficient that can compare this twice so, if difference coefficient is more constant, the blood sugar appearance that shows you does not have a problem, if far apart, should consult a doctor.

Additional, those who need a specification is, appearance of family expenses blood sugar suits blood sugar of diabetic person monitoring to use only, differentiate whether to suffer from on diabetic go to a hospital checking even.

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