Time measure blood sugar and unreasonable
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Hospital of Shandong province Jinan is diabetic Wang Jianhua of director of center of diagnosis and treatment

Lie between period of time to measure blood sugar in the different time of some day, it is good to should monitor blood sugar result than be the same as for a short while everyday. Because former easier report gives the metabolic rule of the 24 blood sugar in the hour one day, and if be in everyday,same time measures blood sugar, water of blood sugar of time of the other in can not knowing one day controls a circumstance smoothly.

Additional, the monitoring time of blood sugar is decided according to the circumstance of on any account of blood sugar even. Usually, when near future blood sugar often taller when, should monitor hollow 2 hours of blood sugar after reaching eat, they reflect the rate with haemorrhage elevatory candy well and truly; And often appear when the near future when hypoglycemia, had better monitor the blood sugar before eat and nightly blood sugar.

Control stabler patient to blood sugar, the interval that blood sugar monitors is OK and longer, every 1 ~ is measured 2 weeks, but have following case, need to increase the frequency that monitor according to the illness: Diagnose use insulin cure, newly, blood sugar control is bad, have hypoglycemia happening, medicaments changes or adjust dosage, gestation, appear all sorts of throwing into confusion the circumstance of groovy at ordinary times life (if fall ill, operation, go out, excited) etc.

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