Winter measures blood sugar to want a few more diligent
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Winter air temperature is low, there is the diabetic person of blood sugar appearance in very much home, the hospital measures blood sugar to become on " lazy " , and even if the patient that has appearance of family expenses blood sugar, also did not realize blood sugar is measured to want diligent in winter a few.

Often detect the diabetic person of blood sugar can discover, crossed the traditional Chinese calendar " Great Cold " later, blood sugar index is shown rise sharply trend, and the blood sugar in the winter should compare year two season are tall. Because,this is winter people for drive cold, eat everyday a lot of fat sapid food, add outdoors motion to decrease apparently, bring about blood sugar to lift. If often detect blood sugar, discovered the change of blood sugar, can undertake corresponding dietary control and medicaments are adjusted in time. And blood sugar detects not the person of diligent, do not have so lucky, because do not have those who realize blood sugar to rise, bring about blood sugar very likely fluctuant, control hard, quicken the occurrence of complication even.

To discover the wave motion of blood sugar in time, in winter, diabetic person measures blood sugar to want to compare other and seasonal diligent a few. Wu Jiali of director of internal medicine of the 3rd hospital, endocrine expert reminds Hangzhou city, lighter to the illness diabetic, winter at least half month should go up the hospital checks blood sugar; And the diabetic that spends again, winter lifts the most easily abruptly because of blood sugar and appear complication, best can detect everyday blood sugar, often contact with the doctor.

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