Blood sugar is put in memory effect
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Hospital of Shandong province Jinan is diabetic Wang Jianhua of director of center of diagnosis and treatment

DCCT (diabetic control and complication experiment) with UKPDS (sex of the look up before England is diabetic research) a lot of and large clinical research that is a delegate confirms: Treat photograph comparing with convention, inchoate aggrandizement cure can reduce diabetic chronic complication significantly, especially capillary complication.

More the follow-up research that those who make a person surprizing is DCCT, study the result makes clear, inchoate aggrandizement cure can make the diabetic is benefited ten years, longer even. Researcher lets inchoate aggrandizement treat the patient of the patient of the group and groovy treatment group to accept basic and same treatment. However, after ten years, pass pair of this two group patients along with visit discovery, the occurence rate existence of the capillary of these two groups of patients and big hemal pathological change is remarkable difference, the occurence rate of chronic complication is that group of patients that once had accepted aggrandizement treatment only the half of groovy treatment group.

This specification blood sugar dominates existence " metabolization memory effect " , namely the blood sugar level that basis of body physical ability treats at first produces memory, make corresponding abiding response. This kind of phenomenon tells us: Inchoate aggrandizement cure reachs his the strict control to blood sugar, its benefit is stopping aggrandizement to treat a certain number of still have after year reflect.

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