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November 14 is world diabetic day, this is international diabetic alliance (IDF) with World Health Organization (WHO) decided jointly 1991, its tenet depends on driving diabetic prevention and cure to publicize the job inside global limits. Since in those days, this day had been become raise global patient the main activity of consciousness of diabetic prevention and cure.

Current, diabetic had been the whole world a serious communal and wholesome problem, and develop rapid, healthy to people menace is bigger and bigger, cause huge loss to developing country labour force. Up to 2005, more than 180 million person has the whole world diabetic. Estimation whole nation is diabetic show sicken strength 2000 much, have nearly 20 million person additionally hollow blood sugar is damaged.

The level of diabetic prevention and cure of comparative abroad, home still has certain difference, especially inchoate precaution and respect of domestic Medical Protection. Recently, domestic famous brand believed benefit to roll out appearance of duplex blood sugar blood pressure, measuring blood sugar while still can measure blood pressure. Those who believe benefit is duplex the characteristic with prominent appearance of blood sugar blood pressure is every time the quantity that collect blood is little, need 0.5 microlitre only every time: The quantity that collect blood is to measure performance of blood sugar appearance advanced main index, the quantity that collect blood means keenly feel less small, 0.5 microlitre had achieved international banner level. In addition, the test time of appearance of blood pressure of the blood sugar that believe benefit has 5 seconds only, advanced and as synchronous as international.

Besides the test of blood sugar, letter benefit is duplex appearance of blood sugar blood pressure still has test blood pressure, heartbeat two big functions: This to the diabetic character sense is great. 2 model the metabolization that diabetic place brings about is disorder, covered all critical factors that concern with cardiovascular disease almost, wait like tall blood sugar, any independent and critical factors that one kind can be cardiovascular disease. So, while prevention and cure is diabetic, must prevent and cure the heart and vessels is ill. The principle that prevents diabetic sex heart disease is, through changing the critical factor in environment and lifestyle, if adjust,weight comes normal or it is normal to be close to. Food should with low candy, low adipose give priority to, eat fresh vegetable more, smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline and be restricted wine. The diabetic checks concerned capillary and old blood vessel to wait regularly even.

While the expert points out the diabetic is preventing and cure, still can pass right amount motion. Carry momentum should from arrive less to increase gradually more; Emphasizing doing a few exercises is better than be not being done; Do not underline the intensity of single campaign and time, advocate agree with individual patient is specific all sorts of motion of the circumstance, the a bit is accumulated, gross is more, the effect is better; Emphasize the exercise of project sex not only, and should will work, the addition that sex of amateurish, occupational, housework works is calculated inside. The lifestyle of each person and habit have difference each, carry momentum is not identical also, motion should reflect personalized principle. Busier to routine office worker, cannot pack a specific athletic time, go to work by bicycle as far as possible, or go to work on foot, as far as possible little by elevator, encourage pedestrian fluctuation building.
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