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A few days ago, metabolizing in Tianjin city the patient of ill hospital be in hospital the one picket oddity that Mr Zhang mirrorred him to witness to our newspaper: The wardmate of adjacent bed still is detecting before birthday first when blood sugar, check a result 3 times to be widely divergent continuously. It is 32mmol//L for the first time, after be informed this result, he was frightened indeed jump greatly, because this result is about 4 times of the value normaller,this is not only, and this is compared a few days ago still the blood sugar cost when the gentleman sends this courtyard urgently cure because of diabetic acerbity toxic occurrence narcosis is high still a lot of. And still the gentleman already improved greatly via treating a patient's condition right now, in one's right senses. The 2nd test that makes immediately, the result became 27mmol//L. The nurse takes an instrument again instantly, the result that checks the 3rd times became 22mmol//L again. After the author is being interviewed with all possible means, confirm this circumstance is belonged to basically solid.

Patients say, blood sugar value has trifling wave motion and error to be able to understand in certain level, but in so short time successive test differs however as a result so much, really bad to understand.

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