Saccharification haemoglobin will be measured 1 times in March
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He Jiayi of healthy times reporter

In Nuo and Nuo heart (China) pharmacy limited company holds " I can be changed diabetic " -- Nuo and the star that show loving care for health choose an activity, beijing University division Professor Gao Yan introduces endocrine of the first hospital, of saccharification haemoglobin level reduce, approximate normal cost more, diabetic complication is reduced more apparent.

Sex of the look up before England considers to confirm saccharification haemoglobin every drop 1 % , diabetic relevant mortality reduces 21 % , miocardial infarction occurence rate drops 14 % , apoplectic occurence rate drops 12 % , occurence rate of capillary pathological changes drops 37 % , cataract is excised rate drop 19 % , the amputation that hemal disease brings about all round or mortality drop 43 % , heart failure occurence rate drops 16 % . And every increase saccharification haemoglobin 1 % , 2 model the odds of disease of blood-vessel of amalgamative heart, head increases the diabetic 15%~18% , mortality increases 20%~30% .

The diabetic guideline of our country suggests the diabetic is saccharification haemoglobin control under 6.5 % . Be less than when saccharification haemoglobin be equal to 7% when, think blood sugar control compares ideal commonly; If be more than 8% (include 8% ) mean need to strengthen blood sugar control. If some diabetic is fixed,haemoglobin of the saccharify that monitor all is in 6%~7% , and it is recently 8.2% , this makes clear before remedial program already cannot better land dominates blood sugar, need readjust program, include food, motion and medication.

Gao Yan teachs a proposal, the patient with not stable control of the patient that treats plan to needing a change, blood sugar and the patient that undertaking insulin is treated, every 3 months should undertake saccharification haemoglobin determines. If control of diabetic blood sugar already amounted to mark, and blood sugar controls state relatively smooth, should accept saccharification haemoglobin every year twice to detect at least.


The saccharification haemoglobin standard of the diabetic:

< 6% : Control on the low side, the patient appears easily hypoglycemia

6. 5% ~ 7% : Control is good

7% ~ 8% : Can accept

8% ~ 9% : Control is bad

> 9% : Control is very poor, it is the critical factor that chronic complication produces progress

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