Blood sugar test paper should give out inside 4 months
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Li Aiguo of doctor of vice director of Sino-Japanese and friendly hospital

A few patients that oneself measure blood sugar in the home, blood sugar is monitored not so diligent, sometimes a bottle of test paper can be used first half of the year is a year even. Actually, this kind of practice is wrong, usually, after blood sugar test paper opens bottle, the expiration period has 4 months only, must give out inside 4 months.

Blood sugar test paper comparatives " sensitive " , suffer the effect of the element such as environmental temperature, humidity, chemical material easily, too super-cooling, overheat, current environment and test paper are met to affect the accuracy that blood sugar detects by pollution. The time of test paper open is too long, hard to avoid can get the influence of outside ambient, can say, open time jumps over long test paper, its accuracy rate is lower. If use overdue test paper, cannot assure to detect not only the accuracy of the result, because check the mistake of the result,return a likelihood, influence or incur loss through delay are treated.

Additional, from test paper is taken in test paper bottle, cannot test paper all teem, must be reservation of odd test paper in the test paper bottle of former outfit, after taking test paper, immediately airtight cap, put in dry, shady and cool, avoid smooth place is saved. Try scrip and quality control solution to have a test with the standard regularly even, come instrument of corrective blood sugar is accurate.

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