Of medical treatment good news measure what blood sugar is worth to become angry
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To the diabetic, can a few blame invade type accurate method will measure blood sugar value, be a thing that has not gone to the lavatory again. Maryland university (University Of Maryland) Dr. Chris Geddes of biochemical center, it is the group that leads him, there was good progress in this respect.

According to report, they use special element, can mix the blood sugar of infinitesimal (dextrose) reaction, this kind of element union is in invisible on glasses, measure the quite can effective blood sugar in diagnosing tear (the haemal blood sugar that is equivalent to 1/10 on average about is worth) . More convenient is, unlike before similar technique, still need other instrument to read a value, direct observation is invisible of glasses become angry, with respect to the discretion that can judge blood sugar to be worth.

Nevertheless this technology still needs test of quite a few, will narrow error, affirm its feasibility. And its latent capacity is to be worth everybody to pay close attention to quite really.

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